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Si-Mag™Magnete Rack

Catalog Number 2505
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Magnetic Rack Vertical

Rack orientation for 15 or/and 50 mL tubes



Magnetic Rack Horizontal

Rack orientation for 1.5 - 2 mL tubes

• Ergonomic racks for efficient separation of nucleic acids, antibodies, proteins and other
biomolecules using magnetic beads and standard plastic tubes of three different sizes

• Strong magnets embedded into the removable block for fast and efficient sequestration
and immobilization of magnetic beads with material bound to them

• Magnete block can be removed from the rack for mixing samples in tubes inserted into the rack

• In horizontal position holds up to 12 standard laboratory 1.5 - 2 mL tubes and in vertical
position holds one 15 mL and one 50 mL tube

• Unique design of collar tube clamps: tubes with samples are rmly held in place during mixing
samples by flipping rack upside down

• Contents of tubes and their labels can be easily seen from different angle views

• Durable, compact and comfortable to handle

• Easy to clean and desinfect


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